My passion for photography was sparked some 7 years ago when I was fortunate to be able to travel the world and experience but a few of its many wonders.  My camera was a gift to tell the story of my trip but it changed the way I looked at what I saw around me.  Through a lens, I noticed colours, texture, tone, changing light, people's expressions and different perspectives.  I became obsessed with experimenting with all these fascinating components and making the most beautiful pictures I could.

On returning to Scotland, my interest turned to the people around me and the importance of capturing the special moments in life.  My love of good films, good stories, big colours, food, fashion, people watching, natural light and nature seems to influence everything I photograph.

I have now had the privilege to shoot many weddings, children, TV programmes and events.  I am always amazed at the many different emotions and sense of fun in people they invoke.   These are the moments I look for and want to come across in your images.

My approach is relaxed and unobtrusive and I find this lends itself well to my reportage style of photography.